Head of SEVER Group, Moscow, Russia 

Оperations with demolition of buildings, recycled waste in Russian Federation and CIS: steel scrap, plastic waste, carton waste, glass waste, electornic scrap. $ 50 mln turnover annualy.

Board Member, Murmansk Shipping Company 

The oldest and largest shipping company in the Russian Federation for Arctic logistics on the Nothern Sea Route. $50 mln turnover annually.

Board Member, Bank Sputnik, Moscow, Russia 

Banking and financial operations in Russia and CIS.

Committee for Ecology, Business Russia:

  • An association of businessmen engaged in environmental entrepreneurship: landfill site management, solid waste sorting and treatment, metal/plastic/cardboard recycling, hazardous waste management, industrial demolition.
  • A team of fellow thinkers seeking to enhance the existing ERM regulations.
  • An instrument for solving a broad range of problems in environmental entrepreneurship, from protection against administrative pressure to fundraising.

Director of Sever Ltd.

Head of the Industrial Department for Secondary Metals.

Ombudsman’s range of powers: licensing of subsoil use; technical regulation in environmental safety, including assessment of conformity to environmental standards required for construction permits; domestic and industrial waste treatment business; interaction with federal, regional and municipal authorities; development of emission standards for air pollutants in the sectors of housing and utility, industry and transport.

“Business Russia members are engaged in cleaning the Arctic regions of Russia of waste. In particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has been assigned to coordinate waste treatment activities in Spitsbergen in terms of getting approval from the Norwegian government.

In case transportation of various types of waste from Russia to third-party countries for the purpose of recycling is endorsed, the accommodating national customs tariff policy will avert negative effects in the industry.”

Ildar Neverov, Business Council for Environmental and Climate Change Issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

On Cutting Interest Rate Down to 15%

The Bank of Russia dropped the interest rate from 17% to 15% as a result of the meeting on January 30. By doing so, the Central Bank took the cue from Business Russia Public Organization, which had earlier called on the regulator to cut down on the key monetary policy instrument. The Central Bank explained its decision by the changing balance of risks of consumer price index acceleration and economic slowdown. "The Bank of Russia decided to hike the interest rate on December 15, 2014, which has normalized inflation and depreciation expectations to the extent anticipated by the Bank of Russia. The existing surge of inflation has been caused by the expedited price adjustment to the weakening ruble and is therefore time-bound. Further on, the inflationary pressure is going to be held back by reducing the level of economic activity," says the formal message on the Bank of Russia's official website. Ildar Neverov, member of Business Russia General Council, on RBC TV.

Socially Responsible Business

Ildar Neverov in How to Be Friends with the State

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